Conde Nast Traveler described the Blue Voyage as the “Voyage of a Lifetime.” You sail in the unpolluted waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Coasts of Turkey, where the shoreline is dotted with remnants of 2,000-year-old cities, some of which are accessible only from the sea.

Most Blue Voyage Cruises follow into a seven-day itinerary. We mostly use locally built gulet type sailboats. These boats accommodate up to two persons in each cabin, with two to ten cabins or more per boat (each with full en suite facilities). The captain and the crew provide three meals per day and tend to the comfort of the passengers. Some gear may be available on board for water sports. We recommend 3, 4, 5, or 7 days of sailing as there so much more to see in Turkey. This cruise is is great fun especially if friends or families get together and hire the entire gulet.

One can sail from Bodrum, Marmaris and nearby Fethiye or Gocek, as well as from Antalya. Prices vary, based on the quality and the size of the boats.

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