Popular with foodies from around the world, this tour starts at the Misir Carsisi (“Spice Bazaar” or “Egypt Bazaar”) to learn about, and try, the myriads of spices and aromas that are found in Turkish cuisine. Later, you continue to tour around the various neighborhoods of old Istanbul, where you will have opportunities to sample Turkish coffee (and find someone to read your fortune which is a very popular pastime in Turkey!) and/or Turkish tea from a traditional glass, while enjoying a Turkish “simit” (vaguely similar to a bagel) and other pastries. You will then walk along the Galata Bridge, where the locals fish from the Golden Horn estuary, before stopping to sample some of the best Baklava in the world! Afterwards, you could head to a cooking class to learn about some of the authentic dishes of this very rich cuisine. Finally, you will unwind with a tasting of some of the best Turkish wines while taking in views from a rooftop bar in this picturesque city.

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