These tours are intended for adventure-lovers, and typically include several days in Cappadocia. In addition to having the opportunity to stay in a luxurious cave hotel that is carved into the rocks, visit the famous underground cities, and go hot air balloon riding over the lunar landscape of this region, you will also be able to trek across the beautiful canyons, admiring the natural rock formations and monasteries carved thousands of years ago, and even go horseback riding.

Some people also choose to fly to the Mediterranean coast, home to the ancient Lycian region. Recognized as one of the top ten trekking trails in the world, the Lycian Trail spans 335 miles and takes about 29 days to complete in its entirety (although most people, of course, hike smaller section of it). The trail consists of Roman roads, mule trails, and footpaths, weaving through ancient sites and beautiful coastline scenery.

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