This is a program that is “perfect” for those who would like to see the most popular venues for visitors to Turkey.

We shall modify the plan to suit the preferences, the budget, and the number of days at the disposal of the traveler. We can add a “Blue Voyage” sailing on a gulet from Bodrum, or a side-trip from Ephesus through Izmir to Pergamum, during the course of which we can incorporate a visit to an authentic Turkish Family home (having our guest hosted to a special dinner in a 150-year-old stone village house, sampling great home-made food and excellent wine). And, for those who have previously toured in Istanbul, we can prepare itineraries that explore different parts of this magnificent city, include a Cooking Class, or add a performance of the Janissary Band (world’s first military band that also influenced Mozart and Beethoven as they composed their Turkish Marches), among many other options!

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