We have created this unique program that combines sailing on the Aegean with overnight stays at exquisite hotels – starting in either Istanbul or Bodrum. A perfect itinerary for those who enjoy the sea and like history, adventure, great food & wine, and like to have fun! This will be a truly memorable experience for our guests!

You will enjoy amazing experiences and special events, including:

Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Didyma and its huge Temple of Apollo (“Seat of the Oracle”)
Kusadasi and ancient Ephesus – the top choice of any stop on a Mediterranean cruise
Cesme, a popular resort town and center of wind- and kite-surfing, and Alacati, a quaint cobblestone village
Urla, one of Turkey’s top wine-making regions where you will taste some of the award-winning wines
Klazomenia, where you can see the very earliest remaining olive-oil production presses of the ancient world
Pergamum, a World Heritage Site, where you will see the Acropolis and the Aesculapion (ancient hospital)
Foca, a lovely seaside town; you will be dinner guests of a Turkish family in their restored 150-year-old stone village house
Assos, with its impressive remains (Aristotle had once run an academy here for several years)
• The famous ancient town of Troy, as described in Homer’s Iliad
• The Island of Bozcaada, twice listed as the “#1 Island in the Mediterranean” by Conde Nast Traveler, where you will walk on quaint cobblestone streets and visit its famous wineries
• The famous World War I battlefields at Gallipoli
Istanbul, the “Crown Jewel” of Turkey, where you will visit its most famous historic sites, shop at the Covered Bazaar, and enjoy a cruise along the Bosphorus Straits between Europe and Asia on a private boat!

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