The influence of Ottoman Turks, who once controlled a vast empire that spanned three oceans and stretched over three continents, is clearly seen (and tasted) in today’s Turkish Cuisine. This tour is designed to provide an experience of the rich Turkish kitchen, one of the greatest cuisines of the world, that has been created with the legacy of ancient cultures going back thousands of years, and on a land that once extended from Vienna on the West, the Arabian Peninsula on the East, Northern Africa along the Mediterranean Sea in the South, and the Black Sea to the North. In this tour, you will feast like the Ottoman Sultans did, learn more about magnificent dishes going back hundreds of years, and try a few of the approximately 150 varieties, each, of rice and eggplant dishes of the Turkish Kitchen! Find out how the Turks influenced European and Western cooking. Enjoy a dinner in a 150-year old stone village house as a guest of the Turkish family. Do all these, while visiting famous historical sites of this cradle of civilization.

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