Ishak Pasha Palace, Dogubeyazit, Eastern Turkey

In time, the Black Sea Region and Eastern Turkey will be discovered by many tourists, like the rest of the country. There is still time to experience first-hand the lives of the local people and see some wildly beautiful parts of Turkey. Lack of deluxe hotels in parts of this region is offset by the interesting remnants of ancient cities, friendliness of the people, delicious food, and boutique lodgings.

You will visit Trabzon, ancient Trebison, famous for its Sumela Monastry carved on a sheer cliff; Giresun, ancient Cerasus, the original home of cherries and the hazelnut capital of the world. It is interesting to note that Jason and the Argonauts, in pursuit of the Golden Fleece, avoided the Amazons living on the Black Sea coast near Giresun. You will also visit Amasya, one of the prettiest old cities of Turkey, where Julius Caesar uttered his famous words, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. This tour also includes stops at Erzurum, Dogu Beyazit and Artvin (on the Georgian border).

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