Turkey is a shopper’s paradise! The Covered Bazaar of Istanbul is the oldest grand mall in the world, with thousands of shops under hundreds of domes and arches. The Spice Bazaar (or Egypt Bazaar) in Istanbul fascinates the senses with its colors and aromas. Turkey is also the home of the old Silk Exchange, the birth place of the world-renown Turkish Towels in Bursa, and best place to buy exquisitely hand crafted Turkish Carpets (unmatched for the density of their double-knots, not to mention their unique designs and colors) and Kilims, the finest Leather goods, Jewelry, Ceramic and Copper artifacts, and crafts with fine inlaid wood of the highest workmanship. With a magnificent breadth and depth of opportunities, Turkey is a unique and excellent place to shop – especially if one schedules a visit in time for Holiday gifts!

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