Antioch & Gallipoli – Two Turkish Cities Every World Leader Should Visit

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Engin Kadaster from Turkey At Its Best has an idea for world leaders: visit Antioch and Gallipoli.

Antioch is a an example of religious tolerance, respect, and love – where Christians (of different denominations), Jews, and Muslims have lived in peace for most of the last 2,400 years. It’s the home of the first Church (in a cave) where Peter and Paul both preached, and a Mosque that was named after a disciple of Jesus. Engin shares her memories of walking in the old city seeing a Mosque, Church, and Synagogue side by side. These communities have been hit hard by the February 2022 earthquakes – all the more reason to visit and support their rebuilding.

Gallipoli is a moving memorial to the horrors of war. It is the location of one of the most important and bloody naval and land battles of World War I. Walking through the trenches today it’s almost unfathomable to think that over 250,000 Turkish soldiers (and 300,000 British, French, and ANZAC soldiers) were killed and wounded in such a small area. Engin shares her stories of personally guiding ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand) veterans through Gallipoli on the 50th anniversary of the battle.

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