Izmir: Gateway to Ancient Cities (and More)

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Izmir is a gem of a city on the Aegean Coast that is not only a joy to visit in its own right, but a convenient gateway for exploring some of the most renowned sites of Western Turkey (as well as some of best under-the radar ones as well).

In this video, Engin Kadaster, a native of Izmir and Vice President of Turkey At Its Best, talks about all there is to do in and around this ‘hub’ city:


Some interesting facts on Izmir:

  • Turkey’s third largest, and its most progressive, city
  • Picturesque and vibrant, with wonderful restaurants, hotels, and a fantastic promenade that is the perfect place to see beautiful sunsets over the water
  • City of Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey
  • Important for Christians and Jews – it is the location of one of the Seven Churches of Revelation and the home to a long-standing Jewish community
  • One hour from Ephesus – the best-preserved Ancient Roman City, and where one of the Seven Wonders of the World used to be
  • Easy access to ancient cities like Pergamum (the birthplace of parchment paper), Sardis (where the world’s first coin was minted), and Aphrodisias (an superbly preserved Ancient Greek City and UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • A short drive to Urla (home to some of the best wineries in Turkey), Kilizman (where they make olive oil using ancient traditional methods), Pamukkale (named for its natural ‘cotton castle’ landscape), and more.

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