Winter in Turkey

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Winter in Turkey? Of course! Turkey is fast becoming a great place for winter sights and winter sports! Turkish Airlines offers fantastic rates during this time of year for nonstop flights to Turkey from many cities in the US, Canada, and all around the world making it easy and affordable to get there.

Istanbul in the winter is beautiful – one can tour the highlights, like St. Sophia or Blue Mosque, and see the famous Istanbul skyline (maybe under snow). You can also enjoy the unique Turkish cuisine that are featured only during this time of the year, such as the ancient Turkish hot drink Salep, which is made of finely ground mountain orchids, milk, sugar, and cinnamon; Boza, a cold fermented beverage made from millet and other grains and served with cinnamon and roasted chick peas, which dates back thousands of years.

Another bonus: A traditional Hamam (Turkish bath) experience will never feel better than in winter!

From Istanbul, guests can fly to see the wonders of Cappadocia – which look particularly magical in winter. A hot air balloon ride over the snow-covered Cappadocia terrain is one of the most travel memorable experiences imaginable.

Or, for winter sports enthusiasts, there is the option of continuing to Bursa where one can ski on Mt. Uludağ, the highest mountain in Western Anatolia. In mythology, Uludağ is known as the place where the Gods watched the Trojan War. It is now a very popular winter resort, with exceptional ski facilities. And as noted before, while in the area, guests will be best served to try the Iskender Kebap, the original Gyro, which was first created in Bursa! That alone might worth this trip.

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