Very-Off-The-Beaten-Path Tour of Turkey – A Unique Travel Experience

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Turkey At Its Best is excited to present one of our most unique tours: Very-Off-The-Beaten-Path Tour of Turkey. This is an immersive, rustic travel experience in the land “where it all began” – the birthplace of religions – featuring culinary offerings, history, agriculture, sustainability, and local traditions.

We are organizing two small-group tours for this exceptional 14-day itinerary this year (however, as with all of our tours, we can also create a bespoke version of this itinerary for individuals and groups at any time of the year!):

  • May 27 – June 11, 2023
  • September 23 – October 8, 2023

Highlights include:

  • Visit some of the earliest continuously inhabited cities of the world
  • Stay at unique properties – including an old caravanserai built on the ancient Silk Road, a stone mansion dating
    back hundreds of years, and a hotel converted from a Russian Palace, among other one-of-a-kind places
  • Experience the sites and tastes of Gaziantep, one of the ‘UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy’ in Turkey
  • Learn out about the beginnings of religion in Göbeklitepe – the world’s oldest temple
  • Visit other UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Mt. Nemrut and Ani
  • Explore the world’s best Mosaics Museum and other unique cultural and educational centers
  • Visit ancient Jewish, Orthodox Christian, Assyrian, Armenian and Muslim religious sites
  • Spend time with villagers and learn about ages-old crafts, such as cheese making
  • Witness the “Whistle Language”, an ancient form of communication still used in remote Black Sea villages
  • Meet and learn the stories of incredible local women who are making a difference in their communities
  • Watch the traditional equestrian and military Turkish sport, Cirit
  • Explore some of the most special, yet less touristy parts of Turkey:

Learn more in this overview video narrated by our own Engin Kadaster:

A detailed itinerary can be viewed in this downloadable PDF Very-Off-The-Beaten-Path Tour of Turkey

For more information, pricing, and to book your trip, please contact us.